Specialist in Geysers (Installation and Maintenance)

 We have many years of experience in geyser repairs, geyser replacements and geyser installations. Leaking or malfunctioning geysers are most annoying as they occur at the most inconvenient times. We at MR FIX-IT are all too aware of this fact and therefore we are fully equipped and stocked to handle any geyser breakdowns with ease 24/7. We offer a true emergency 7 day service to secure your property and ensure that you have a minimum downtime. Our service is fast and reliable.

Geysers – Our Services

 Replacements and burst or leaking geysers

  • Ranges from 50 litre, 100 litre, 200 litre and 250 litre
  • Over counter (10-30L) and under counter (10L) basin water heater
  • Installation according to SANS 10 254 installation specification
  • Kwikboils from 5L upwards
  • Servicing of geyser: Replacement of geyser anodes

Heat Pump System and how does it work

 Electricity consumption is only used to transfer heat from the surrounding environment, such as air. The heat pump has the ability to absorb heat (not create heat) and transfer heat by means of refrigerant, which captures the heat in the ambient air and transfers it to heat water

 The fan on the heat pump circulates air through the outer evaporator that acts as heat collector. The liquid refrigerant, evaporate, absorbs the available heat in the ambient air, transforming it into a refrigerant. The refrigerant is then pumped into a compressor. When thi warmed refrigerant is compressed, it intensifies or concentrates the heat, similar to a magnifying glass to the sun.

 This intensely hot refrigerant is then pumped into a heat exchanger condenser where the actual heat transfer takes place. As the water passes through the heat exchanger, the hot gas gives up it’s heat to the cooler water. The refrigerant returns to a liquid state and is pumped through an expansion valve and then into a evaporator air coil, which stats the process all over again.

Heat Pump Energy Saving

 Heat pumps are one of the most efficient hot water heating systems available, as they utilize the solar heat restored in the surrounding environment. This free environment energy provides approximately 75% of the heat pumps heating energy and only approximately 25% of external energy is required in the form of electricity, in order to achieve a heat output of 100%